Responsible Relating

From Controlling to Connecting

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This is Oren and today I get to share a favorite topic with you: Responsible Relating. This is a conversation that has had profound meaning for my clients and it’s the first of four elements covered in Presence Foundations (and is led by yours truly). If you stick with us, you’ll get to hear from the rest of the team about their embodied leadership perspectives as well. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts.

As humans, our main objective — after nourishment and safety — is connection. Often, it can feel as though our connections to others are precarious. And we feel the need to behave a certain way to maintain them. 

This leads us to relate from a controlling place. The result: we relate in a disconnected way with others. We project, we blame, we take on too much.

We tell ourselves that if we just carefully control the conditions within which we find ourselves, our family, business, or community will be okay. 

But the level of energy required to manage everyone and everything around us through controlling measures is stifling and prevents us from being aware of what is naturally emerging in the present.  

Why be aware of what is emerging in the present?  Because it opens us to what we’re really after. Connection. Evolution.

By showing up with presence to our unfiltered experience, we’re able to discern the evolutionary way forward. This is the path that serves everyone and everything around us, rather than placating our momentary discomfort.

We make this transition — from controlling to connecting — by coming together to surface our tendencies around control and embody practices which support us in feeling connected from the inside out. 

“During the sessions, I was challenged to go beyond my thoughts and listen to my body, to open my heart and surrender control, judgement and preconceived notions. Having the space and time to do this as part of this community has enabled me to feel more connected to the world in a meaningful way.”

Are you willing to step into full responsibility for meeting the true needs of this moment? 

Learn more here.

It would be an honor to co-create this movement with you. Our world needs it — and you. 


– Oren & the EnlivenedLab team

“I joined the core team of EnlivenedLab because I recognized that the world requires a new kind of leadership; one that is grounded in the understanding that we are inextricably interconnected with everything, and that there is a responsibility to build the bridges to the future with this understanding as the foundation.” – Susan



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