It's time to wake up work.


your most alive state of being.

Bring more of yourself into every moment.

Traditional leadership as taught and modeled in our dominant culture leads too often to expectations of perfection and productivity that dehumanize us and lead us to overwhelm and isolation.

We need another path if we are to navigate complexity and realize true change.

You’re here because you’re not willing to live life reactively.
You want to be present to what is most real, most alive, most rich and interesting in every moment.
To embody this quality of presence consistently means noticing our engrained patterns and taking responsibility for creating the space for choice.

Once we’re aware of the prominent role control plays in our day-to-day, and that we have a say in the matter, how do we choose differently?

In our embodied approach, it starts with awareness. And to cultivate awareness requires nurturing a space between stimulus — trigger — and response — thought or behavior.

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