Invitation Into Community

An invitation to connect in presence within community


With EnlivenedLab, we’re building an experimental community of co-creative leaders walking the walk toward regenerative change and having fun doing it. This is your invitation onto this life-affirming path alongside us, starting with an immersive learning experience called Presence Foundations.


Curious to go deeper? Check out what we mean.


This we know:

The level of complexity confronting humanity and our planet implores us to show up with greater awareness and creativity, right now. There isn’t time to be stuck in binary debate, so we’re initiating a new conversation entirely.


The question is: how?

The answer is simple: by modeling true co-creation through embodied presence — showing up with what we call “whole-systems awareness”.


But simple doesn’t mean easy; we need to develop this way of being within community. We were never meant to go it alone.


The Fall cohort of Presence Foundations begins September 9th, and applications are open through September 3rd.


You can learn more here.

It would be an honor to co-create this movement with you. Our world needs it — and you. 





Attaching 🖇

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Accepting 🪜

ACCEPTING 🪜 What we don’t allow comes out sideways Whatever is rejected from the self appears in the world as an event. Carl Jung The

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