Integrating 🌱

We touch unity within to create unity without

Now I sense how rapid movement without integration is just as dangerous as too much routine.

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Recently, a member of our EnlivenedLab community shared a bit about taking part in plant medicine ceremonies years ago, before they were as widely practiced by non-natives as they are today. One thing stood out. In an experience in ceremony with a guide whose family has been holding these sacred ceremonies for generations, an elder shared the following: these ceremonies are not really about the plants — they are about the community.

We are wired to connect. And when we experience rapid deepening of awareness through any means, it is the experience of connecting with others from that awareness (and feeling it received) that helps it stabilize.

Our inner journey of healing — that is necessary for our outer impact — is a path of re-unification, re-integration, remembering.

We touch unity within to create unity without. And the cycle continues.

Our intrapersonal and interpersonal experiences are in direct and uninterrupted relationship.

Let’s lead from that interconnected awareness. We are not here to go it alone.

Here are learnings on integration that have deepened for me over the past six months:

  1. To integrate sufficiently requires more space than we sometimes want to allow for the process. Patience is a virtue… sure, yep, great. But, really. If you are expanding your root system, you might need more room to root than you’ve got in the planter you’re in right now. Root down deeper to rise up higher, right yogis?
  2. Rushing into outward action from new, unintegrated awareness isn’t necessarily bad. But use discernment. Ask yourself when you’re in a moment which calls for solo integration — just you in the wet soil — and when what would really nourish your roots is being in relationship with the microbes and insects.
  3. Part of integration is dis-integration. One of my favorite teachings from the Vedas is that of the universal forces always in motion: Creation, Maintenance, Destruction. We learn that destruction is a necessary and natural process which makes room for creation. Creating a beautiful painting is messy. And integration is a creative process like any other. If you’re busy trying not to stain your overalls, you’re distracting yourself from the process.

If you’re at this party to model a new form of whole, integrated leadership, ask yourself: what’s possible for me if I allow more space to integrate?

Remember to start with yourself.

Oren, Enlivened



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