Aware Action

From External to Internal Orientation

Written by Susan Barnes

After being in various degrees of lockdown for well over a year, this summer seemed like the summer A collective fervor swept over everyone to be out in the world again.  I, too, became swept up in the desire to be amongst the fun after being “away” from it for so long.  

But something unusual began to happen.  Aside from the ecstasis I felt in seeing old faces, meeting new people, and hugging everything I could  I began to experience significant anxiety. And I ignored it.  

Years ago I learned that the sensation of anxiousness in my body is how my intuition communicates a “no” to me.  The moment I begin to experience any level of anxiety in my body (usually felt in my chest) I know that something needs to change.

But in the reopened world, I was not listening to my very loud, clear “no”.  Why?  Because I was looking externally to the world around me to orient my decision-making process.  The message from outside of me: “keep up with pace”.  

Instead of being present to what I was experiencing internally, I dissociated from the discomfort of my anxiety and continued “doing” in a way that was not in my best interest.  

Sound familiar?

This story has a happy ending, though 🙂  Quite simply: I began to shift back to orienting internally, listening to my “no” and taking action from there.  Through presence, I found balance and avoided the inevitable burnout this fervent pace was leading me towards.  


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