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Our Story

It's time to wake up work.

In early 2020, as we entered a collective timeout, I left what was once my dream job as I recognized the urgency to create pathways for leaders to learn how to bring their full bodies into business.

If we are to show up to this world as the enlivened leaders who are so desperately needed, we need to heal from head-based leadership norms.

Living in a state of disconnected awareness has led us to destroy our interconnected ecosystems.

We can only move forward and navigate the complexity of our world to create the change we need if we are to reconnect with the continuous stream of change within each of us.

Work as Expression


Work as Status


Work as Livelihood


Read on if you are unwilling to lead a life of reactivity.
Ready to become present to what is most real and most alive?
Our leadership team would not be nearly as effective without this partnership. It has changed everything for us.
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Martha Bitar
CEO, Flodesk